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We are always looking for board members to help organize, educate and help promote the mailing community.

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  • Establish a means of regular communication between customers and local postal managers.

  • Inform postal customers of the latest changes in postal products and services and rates and fees.

  • Assist customers in improving their internal mail operations.

  • Create a better understanding of the Postal Service through business meetings, mailer clinics, mailing seminars, and tours of postal facilities.

  • Provide information necessary for customers to make the most effective and efficient use of postal products and services.

  • Provide an organized way for postal speakers to introduce postal products, services and programs to the public.

  • Educate mailers on the proper use and implementation of automation and mailing list hygiene programs.

Twin Cities PCC Executive Board

PO Box 4688

St. Paul MN 55101-4688


Pam Corbeille-Lepel - Lorton Data Inc. -Membership

Jackie Daugherty - The Arch of St. Paul and Mpls - - Treasurer

Diane Dotzler -Taylor Communications - - Past Industry Co-Chair 

Pete Gjerness - Surveys

Cathy Hufford - Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation - -Industry Vice Chair-Education

Bill LeVoir - MackayMitchell Envelope - - IndustryCo-Chair/ Membership

Melissa Manning - Impact - - Facilities

Kari Miller - Membership Corporation of America - - Website

Suzi Oswald - SmartPress - Communications

Tim Schwarzrock - OnTrac International - - Membership

USPS Board Members

Carol Kennedy Simnioniw - US Postal Service Communication

Mark Janda - US Postal Service - - Membership/Education

Will Jones - US Postal Service - - Postal Co-Chair

John  Morgan - US Postal Service - - Postal Co-Chair

Christy Meister - US Postal Service - - Recording Secretary

Cheryl Reko - US Postal Service - - Secretary

Rachel Christensen - US Postal Service - - Education

Tony Williams - US Postal Service - Postal Co-Chair